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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why are they sometimes nasty?

If you are eating something now DON'T READ THIS....

I wish the picture had a man instead , but that's the only picture I found on the internet that best represents the guy that was with me at the Sauna this morning.

Well, he is a doctor , but he's the smelliest creature I've ever came across.

He has this Jar (like in the picture) that has a liquid of the same color as in the picture , and God only knows what the hell is it !?

Thats what he did:

First : All the time he goes "ahhhhhhh" , It's not bad to say ahhhhhh but not every freakin second, I mean he can't be suffering that much from the heat,and if he is then why can't he just leave.

Second : He shows his uhm "behind" , When I came in I found him in a very weird position. you better not wanna know.

Third : He smells like sh*t.

Fourth : He works out INSIDE the Sauna!! , and you can imagine what that means! , It means he was splashing his sweat at us , I mean me , as I was the only one with him in there.

Fifth : He's got this idea that when he rubs his belly very hard downwards that its gonna like take off the fats that he's got , He's a doctor so maybe this stuff works ! . But I must tell you that it was very weird to see this happen..all the time I was like "What the hell is this man doing?, doesn't he realize that he isn't alone?".

As you know , the Sauna is as hot as hell , but this time it was hot with extra toppings.

Pretty gross I know...

But you have to know what's going on in the world today.

What does this have to do with "Challenge everything" ?

I guess it challenges your mind to understand why people behave this way.

It's not a big deal. They simply don't give a sh*t .